Our specialty is barbecue with the meat rubbed and slow cooked for long hours using our special blend of woods, the meats are so flavorful that a sauce is not required. Try some of our signature dishes like the Hog on a Dog ( a hot link topped with pulled pork and coleslaw), The Backyard Dog (a hot link topped with mac & cheese and brisket) or for a convenient way to carry a meal try one of the Meat Bowls (2 savory sides and 1 meat layered in a 16 oz container for flavors that just meld together) and the Texas size potatoes served with your choice of a meat layered on top! Delicious! We have our Dragon’s Breath Sauce for those that prefer a little kick of heat and the Blackberry BBQ Sauce for just that little bit of fruity sweetness to compliment the smoked meat.



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